Project Planners - Module

This additional Module is a theoretical 2-days-Module which allows the participant to gain detailed knowledge in designing animal procedures according to german and european legal frameworks, non-technical project summary, retrospective assessment, burden assessment in genetically modified animals and ongoing animal experiments, biometric statistics, communication with responsible authorities (official vets and animal welfare commissions), rights and duties of head of projects and planning persons, "indispensibility"- and 3R-principle..

The course is designed for the following group of people:

planning persons, head of projects and their representatives.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: according to german legislation (AVV) only reliable persons with medical, veterinarian or scientific university degree with requisite expertise and skills as performing persons (3 years in comparable field of research) are supposed to become a head of project or a project planner-> individual evaluation dependent on responsible authorities


-> please discuss with your local authorities before you register for the course which requierments for your indivual case have to be fulfilled in order to become a project-planner or head of a project/representative. These regulations can be different in the various german districts.
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