Theoretical Modules FUNCTION A, B, D, C

In these Theoretical Modules you will achieve requisite basic knowledge in all major topics of laboratory animal science which you as a performing person or a person who kills animals for scientific purpose need. 



General-Core-Package (GCP)

The GCP imparts the needed basic knowledge in laboratory animal science for all scientists (no matter with which species they plan to work later on) within 13h. Different Single-Modules discuss topics as i.e. Genetics, Anesthesia and Analgesia or Ethics and Alternativ Methods etc..

Those Single Modules cover (in a species- and task-independent way) topics, which  according to the topics listed in the european Directive 2010/63* (EU) and the Order about Animal Welfare in experimental Animals/TierSchVers** (Germany) as well as the "Core Modules" (FELASA EU ID 1-6)*** recommended by the FELASA


* European guideline 2010/63/EU article 23 and Annex V

** Order about Animal Welfare in Experimental Animals (TierSchVersV), article 16, para.(3) and article 3 para.(1) nr. 2 and Annex 1 para. (2) and (3).

***FELASA Education and Training Board (E&T), 01.June. 2015 “FELASA Recommendations for the Accreditation of Education and Training courses in Laboratory Animal Science” .


Rodent-Module and Zebrafish-Module

An additional day of Theory will further specify the already acquiered basic knowledge in laboratory rodents (Mouse, Rat, Guinea Pig (9h)) and Zebrafish (4,5h) in species specific Modules, based on the above mentioned legal regulations.

Additional Module: Projectplanning

Taskspecific theoretical Module (2d) for head of projects and project planners (designing studies). The concept for this Module is also based on the same legal regulations as the other mentioned Modules (see above).

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